Group Workshop for Target Audience

Today we were put into groups so we could do group research into animal packaging and target audiences.

my group was:

and Megan

I found this to be very useful, we got alot of information and worked as a team. I feel that working in a team fr the day has made us do the work and also gathering information as a group has enabled us to get more info and getting more research for our project done

At the end of the day we had to create a presentation of the work that we did. We created a PDF showing our work.

Here are some of the pages :

Animal Brief

Today we were given our new brief:

Create new packaging for their new 09 watch range. for fashion and/or sports.
(shortened version)

I have already been looking into packaging, but i do not know if i i like the project that has been given to us. I feel that watch packaging is very limited in size and in the way that it is displayed. Also i feel that it will be hard to create something new and experimental without comprising the product.

I am going to try and create somthing that is new and maybe a bit different. I am going to have to do some research into brand packaging and box design.

Things to think about
  • What watch? Fashion or Sport
  • Apple packaging
  • Packaging template books.

Final Crit Greetings Cards


the greetings cards are all finished now and I have completed the sketchbooks to go with them.
I am now looking forward to the next part of the brief that is packaging. I do not yet know what the actual brief is but I have been doing some research on packaging here are some examples are really effective and inspiring. 

I created a wrapping style pattern for the card. I think it is effective and works well for the festive season I have chosen for my greetings cards.
I am pleased with the way that they have come out and I am now waiting for advise from the crit today.

Here are some images of my final cards for my final crit. . . 

1st Greeting card Crit

I am back from being sick and i have just been for my crit. There were a few other people off at the same time as me due to illness. i think its going around. 

For my crit i had a few examples of what i would like my card to look like, i had some examples of pop up cards, 3 dimensional cards and normal cards. I feel that having these worked well in my crit as it was obvious what direction i was taking with my greeting cards. 

here are some examples of inspiration I found for my cards.


During my crit I do not think that my illustrations were not widely liked. I am ok with that as I know that illustration isn't my strong point. 
I am still going to use the 3D and dimensional cards as i think that they are different and quirky.

Its times to re-think my ideas . . . . . . . .

Poorly Sick

I have missed a few days off university the last week and a bit. I had a bad cold and could hardly move!

I regrettably missed a tutorial day at uni. I really wanted to go to this to show my idea for the greeting cards. So far i have illustrated a few ideas for cards.

Heart Bird. He is my main idea for my greeting cards. I have illustrated a heart to have a beak and legs. I feel that he is really effective especially for valentines day, as he is a heart.

Hopefully i will be able to make into uni in a few days to show my ideas to the tutors.

Jim Houser

Here is a really nice illustrator for you all to look at


My Cornish Local Designers

Cornwall is not really known for its design. Here I have put some examples close to my cornish heart for your eyes to feast on.

Ali Sopp

I know a guy at home, called Alastair Sopp. Recently I found out he had a web site. I had a gander at the site. it revealed to me that he is a Photographer, Designer, and a Web Designer.

I pretty much LOVED IT.

The Boex Brothers

The boex brothers are two interior/3D Creative Solutions Designers from near where I live, Portleven . I knew about them, and had seen some of their work. I only really noticed at how amazing there work was when I saw a little article about a bench of theirs being sold in Liberty, LDN.

The bench in my eyes is AMAZING.

The Bench!

Interior Design


Greeting Card Brief

Today we were given another sub brief in our Visual communication in context 2 Unit.

We have to create a series of 6 greetings cards. The theme of the cards can be whatever we would like them to be.

i am really excited about this breif as i would like to try a project on illustration. I feel that if i do this then i could expand on my skills as a designer. My drawing skills are ok, but i feel that if i try hard and really get into what i am drawing it will look good.

Things to think about:

  • What kind of Greeting?
  • What type of illustartion?
  • Size
  • Textiles?
As i said i am really excited about this project and cant wait to start.

Photoshop Painting

this image i did on 40 mins in photoshop. i was trying to achieve a painted effect. i feel that for my first attempt i did ok! what do you think?

Oliver Jeffers

Over the last summer i have found a number or designers, illustrators and mags that have really caught my interest. So I have decided to create a new post for each "find". So here it goes







Final L.A.T.A Crit

Today was the final crit for Look Again/Think again.

My poster was basically finished, and not much was said about improving it. I feel that people who have not seen the poster understand what it is about. Also the poster generates talk about the subject that is a good thing.

I have decided to print my poster onto translucent paper. This turned out to be trickier then I predicted. First i wanted white to be printed on the paper. We then realised that white is not a colour, Its paper colour. This meant that we had to try out lots of colours.

After much trying and printing I ended up using a grey colour and printed on both sides. I am really pleased with the outcome of the poster and now all I have to do is hand it in.

Our Own Crit.

today a few of us decided that we were going to hold our own crit. I think it worked really well as a few of us were not sure on a few points of our poster, and the input we had from other people was just what we needed.

The group of people who were in the crit was mixed as well, it was nice to have people from different 'friendship' groups.

what i wanted to know was the colour choice of my poster, or if it should be translucent.
everyone agreed that plain was better then bright colours. and that a tagline was definately needed.

I am really pleased with the way that the Crit turned out and i am keen for another!
Look Again/Think Again Crit

Today we has a crit of our posters. It was really nice to see other peoples ideas, and it has to be said that everyone is comfortable to speak up and voice their opinions.

There were a few issues raised with my poster design. It was mainly liked by everyone, but there was an issue that people did not understand what the poster was trying to say. And also that i could maybe try experimenting with colour for the type overlay.

I have really been thinking about what was said in the crit and i feel that maybe a tag line or a sentence at the bottom of the poster would work well. But what to say.......

As for colour choice i am really wanting to look at the possibility of translucent paper.... its an idea that i am working on.

Look Again/Think Again

I have chosen to look at a social theme for my poster.
For a while now i have had an idea of creating a foreign language poster, i think it is inspiration from Anette Lenz who i looked at during out Typeradio project.


I am going to create a poster that high lights the issue of the Lack of multi languages learned by English people.

A bit of a mouthful, but i am really looking forward to creating this piece. Also i would really like to use some of the techniques that i thought of over the summer.

Here are some of my influences:

Anette Lenz (because i love her)

Group Crit

Now I REALLY Enjoyed that! A good group of people bouncing ideas off one another. I have to say that that was probably the best crit we have had. I think everyone would agree.

For myself I managed to clear up some confusions about the brief and I understand more now. I was happy that my ideas were well received. The more I think about them, the more my ideas and concepts develop.

Social Idea I looked at all the different aspects of social problem, but as they are listed, that means that they are not overlooked. i wanted something that is not widely thought of. I decided that the lack of multi language British people. I believe that the numbers are low as we are a bit lazy, seeing as all the other countries know the english language. So why should we have to learn theirs? Poster design is still up in the air but its a firm idea to start on.
Personal Idea It took me a while to realise that I don't have many objects that are personal to me. Sounds and smells work more! But I don't know how to go about this....

Only a week left until crit.

Oh and I am a PAL leader.



I found this good website on a design company called Ice Cream For Free.
They have done work with many bands and also have created some work for the sport brand Nike.
Take a look at the images bellow and the link is there to.




Summer Thoughts and Ideas that are Itching to be used!

Over the summer I had many ideas for work this year. I started to write them on scrap pieces of paper that were to hand...needless to say I kept on loosing them. So I invested in a sketch book. I managed to get in the habit of keeping the book in my bag. this turned out to be a good idea as I had my ideas at random points when I wasn't even thinking about design. Here are some thoughts and ideas that I had over the summer:

Translucent paper, I really want to use this more in my designs. I have seen it be used in may publications and design pieces. And I have to say, I bloody LOVE it.
Paper Folding I really discovered that paper can be folded in so many ways at work. Believe me when your bored you do some random things. I am mainly interested in using 1 piece of paper for packaging. and how to arrange print so when folded it makes an image. Flyers and booklets I have seen about have been keeping this idea in mind.
Photography I REALLY need to use my photography A-level more. I haven't used my Holga camera yet (thanks George!) and  feel that I should. So watch out for some pics I will put up soon.
Illustration I know I am not the best illustrator in the world. But when I put my mind to it, I know that I can produce some good work. The problem is I normally create good pieces when I am not actually thinking about what I am doing. I am going to force myself to draw a couple times a week....Just for the sake of being able to draw a face.
FMP I have an idea on what i am going to do...But its a secret until its more finalised.
Others I have also been Looking at countless designers and books over the summer. i feel that this has really helped open my mind to new ideas. Over the summer you could have found me sitting on Boarders floor surrounded by the design books......not once did I get asked to leave. 3 hours was my record time on the floor. I loved Every second.

So there it is, its only a outline of my ideas. My sketchbook is full with different ideas branching off the main ideas I have stated.

Roll on Year 2.