Crit about Research

Today we had a crit with Kit about our research that we are doing for our professional project. I found it to be very interesting as the people in the groups had a similkar theme running through so ideas were helpfull for everyone.

here are the points that came up for my research

  • vegitarian
  • vegans
  • allergies
  • questionnaire



Portfolio Guidence

Today two designer came in from Thinking Juice to give us advice on portfolios and what we should have in them.

  1. Only pieces that are related to the job your after
  2. More more then 8 briefs
  3. Don't overcrowd pages
  4. Box could be better
  5. Have Print objects such as final cards etc
  6. Know what you need to say about each piece
It was really useful to get get outside information on portfolios.

Work Experience

Today at Work experience with d+r the solution Icreated more logo ideas for Comms UK and there sub companies Schools Comms and Surgery Comms

I am still really enjoying work experience. Even though i dont get paid for the 1 day a week i do there i feel that the experience that i do gain is quite priceless. and i am alsways learning and being more professional in my work.

i feel that this has had positive and negative effects on my work. the only negative point i can think of is that i no longer understand the amount of research that we have to do on the course. where as at d+r there is research but no sketchbooks or month long projects.
The positives totally outweigh the negatives as i feel that i have gained knowlege in the programs i use, confidence in my work and a good level of professionalism.

Proposal Hand in for Professional Project

Here is the final Draft for my Proposal. . . .

Field of study
For my professional project I plan on branding a fictional restaurant chain that offers a specialised menu of foods; this will give me the opportunity to explore identity, typography photography and graphic design, which relates to what I would like to do as a career in the future.
My main aim is to create a brand for the company and a range of corporate print designs, such as food and drink menus, receipt books, business cards, and a series of posters for an advertising campaign.

My proposed media is going to be a set of print designs; it will be presented as a collection of corporate prints that works well for the company. This relates to with the work I have completed at work experience in the previous term.
My target audience for this project is broad as the restaurant caters for all ages and occasions. But as the restaurant has a specialised menu this could mean that only a certain audience will eat there. So it is important that the result is viable and appeals to all demographic target audiences. This is something that I am going to have look into while doing my research.
As this is a specialised food restaurant it has a lot more to offer then a regular chain restaurant, such as quality of food and the general experience. I aim to use this to create a unique selling point for the business. Because of this I am going to look at the current food industry to get a in-depth look at healthy living, popular food trends and trends that are yet to make an impact. Areas that are important to my project are Vegetarian, Vegan and Healthy Eating, as I would like to promote a new healthy food range. I feel that this could make the company unique from many of the current food chains that are popular today in our society company, and should be empathised to attract more people to the business.

I plan to start my research by looking at the current food industry to get a further insight of the business and its policies. It is also very important to my research that healthy eating, vegetarian and vegan restaurants are looked at. As I plan to create my own menu I feel that looking at the nutritional values of food and new food ‘fads’, both of which will also be a benefit, this can help me to create a new line of healthy eating. This will then be followed by research into identity, advertising, and commercial design.
I also plan to look at designers and design companies that have exciting and innovative branding projects in their portfolios, such as Why Not Associates and Spin.
From this research I then plan to start my idea generation with everything that I learned backing up my ideas. I will progress onto a final idea that I can explore and expand to make a successful and professional branding and corporate print project.

Fingers crossed its ok!


I have included them as I am really interested in their work and find it inspirational.

Here are some examples that i really like from the company called Spin

Expanding ideas

Today we had a group seminar about our ideas.

It started at the beginning of the day and everyone had to get up and present their work in front of the "panel' (Sally, Jo and Mike Ryan) and to the rest of the class. We had a minute to present our work and give everyone a idea of what we were doing for our professional Project.
It was really interesting to hear other peoples ideas and the feedback they got. i was suprised to find that no one had the same idea, and that the range was really wide from book making to experimental self pieces.

For my presentation i showed my research booklet that i have been making with the research of the food industry. I found that this was a good thing to show as it proves that i have been doing research for it already and that i am confident in my proposal.

There were a few things that Mike Ryan bought up:

  1. More research
  2. Competition in the market
  3. Existing and old examples of companies
  4. Relevent logos

2nd Crit on Personal Project Propsal

Today we had group crits in small numbers with Sally or Mike. Our group had Sally which i was happy about as i really trust her judgment and comments in our crits. I was really confident when i went into the crit with sally this afternoon, i had a firm idea on what i was planning to do.

Sally said that i could do better the idea that i proposed.

Time to rethink and try and make it stronger.
  • What type of restaurants most popular
  • What about allergies and Intolerance's
  • DON"T do the Boatshed Re-Brand
  • What makes food organic
  • Enviromental issues
With all of this i think that after some research i will be able to make a strnger proposal.

Crit on Personal Project Propsal

Today we had a quick crit with Neil about our initial ideas for our learning proposal.

Here was (was being the key word here) first idea:

To re brand the Boatshed Cafe In Penzance and create a series of commercial print items such as menus, posters and logo.

It was agreed on that that idea did not have enough depth, and that I could do better.

here are some more ideas to add to the 'pot'

  1. Make a book
  2. Create a experimental self promotion piece.
  3. Enviromental issues
  4. Create new brand for something in the future
I am hoping that from this is i will be able to create something better then the first idea and something that i find stimulating and a bit of a challenge.