Expanding ideas

Today we had a group seminar about our ideas.

It started at the beginning of the day and everyone had to get up and present their work in front of the "panel' (Sally, Jo and Mike Ryan) and to the rest of the class. We had a minute to present our work and give everyone a idea of what we were doing for our professional Project.
It was really interesting to hear other peoples ideas and the feedback they got. i was suprised to find that no one had the same idea, and that the range was really wide from book making to experimental self pieces.

For my presentation i showed my research booklet that i have been making with the research of the food industry. I found that this was a good thing to show as it proves that i have been doing research for it already and that i am confident in my proposal.

There were a few things that Mike Ryan bought up:

  1. More research
  2. Competition in the market
  3. Existing and old examples of companies
  4. Relevent logos

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