Screen Based Communication 2

Today we were given the new brief for Screen Based Communication.

i have been quite excited about this project, and i have had many ideas for what i want it to look like when i have finished. I know there is a danger that i could be expecting too much from this, as i did with the animation brief.

Things to look at:
  • Flash
  • Web 2.0
  • CSS
  • Dreamweaver
  • What I want to go on the website
  • Actionscript

D+AD Chioce

I have decided that I going to be doing the packaging brief for D+AD

I have decided to this as we have just done the Animal project, and i enjoyed doing iy.

i'll keep you updated on my progress.

Visual Comunication In Context 2 Evaluation

I have really enjoyed this project, i feel that it was a really good idea to have mini projects inside it to help us kick-start the 2nd year of our project.
There were many things that i liked about the project. Mainly the way in which we had to quickly generate ideas and concepts in a short time and also produce the final outcome in a matter or a few weeks. This really helped with idea generation and my confidence in my work.
 I did not find any of this project easy but there were parts of it that were easier to complete then others. I found the poster Look Again/Think Again really fun and I am happy with the final outcome and really like the piece I did. I also found the packaging to be fun as we have not don it before so it was new and refreshing.
The part I mostly struggled with was the greeting cards. I feel that this was down to me being poorly, and missing a fair chunk of time out of the time spent on crits and idea generation. But even at the end of that small project I was happy with the final outcome.
I feel for a 1st project it was really fun and that I learnt a lot from it.

Deadline Day

So the deadline day just past, And it wasn't as stressful as I thought it would be. This is mainly because of the fact I handed in my project a few days before the deadline.

The reason I did this is because I felt that I had completed the work to a high standard and that I could not improve on what I have done.

I am really chuffed that I got it in before and that its taken a weight off my mind.

Animal Final Pictures

Here are some picture of my final Packages.

1st Crit Animal packaging

Today we had our first crit for the small sub project for Animal packaging.

I did not have much to show but I did have a quick mock-up that I did. I was looking at different packaging templates, and found a fold out design that was really simple. I felt that this could be a starting point for my design.

In the crit the mock up was liked and the ides that I said were also received well. I am pleased that I have a direction to follow now, and I feel confident that I will be able to progress with this project with speed and quality to produce a effective pice.

Things To Look At:

  • Texture
  • Sport Packaging
  • Imagery
  • Packaging templates

Fecal Face

Here is a link to Fecal Face.

This site is a place where lots of interviews and reviews of illustrators are. It has so many that its a bit jumbled and a mess but if you look hard enough you may find something that you didn't realise you were looking for!