Visual Comunication In Context 2 Evaluation

I have really enjoyed this project, i feel that it was a really good idea to have mini projects inside it to help us kick-start the 2nd year of our project.
There were many things that i liked about the project. Mainly the way in which we had to quickly generate ideas and concepts in a short time and also produce the final outcome in a matter or a few weeks. This really helped with idea generation and my confidence in my work.
 I did not find any of this project easy but there were parts of it that were easier to complete then others. I found the poster Look Again/Think Again really fun and I am happy with the final outcome and really like the piece I did. I also found the packaging to be fun as we have not don it before so it was new and refreshing.
The part I mostly struggled with was the greeting cards. I feel that this was down to me being poorly, and missing a fair chunk of time out of the time spent on crits and idea generation. But even at the end of that small project I was happy with the final outcome.
I feel for a 1st project it was really fun and that I learnt a lot from it.

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