1st Greeting card Crit

I am back from being sick and i have just been for my crit. There were a few other people off at the same time as me due to illness. i think its going around. 

For my crit i had a few examples of what i would like my card to look like, i had some examples of pop up cards, 3 dimensional cards and normal cards. I feel that having these worked well in my crit as it was obvious what direction i was taking with my greeting cards. 

here are some examples of inspiration I found for my cards.


During my crit I do not think that my illustrations were not widely liked. I am ok with that as I know that illustration isn't my strong point. 
I am still going to use the 3D and dimensional cards as i think that they are different and quirky.

Its times to re-think my ideas . . . . . . . .

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