Summer Thoughts and Ideas that are Itching to be used!

Over the summer I had many ideas for work this year. I started to write them on scrap pieces of paper that were to hand...needless to say I kept on loosing them. So I invested in a sketch book. I managed to get in the habit of keeping the book in my bag. this turned out to be a good idea as I had my ideas at random points when I wasn't even thinking about design. Here are some thoughts and ideas that I had over the summer:

Translucent paper, I really want to use this more in my designs. I have seen it be used in may publications and design pieces. And I have to say, I bloody LOVE it.
Paper Folding I really discovered that paper can be folded in so many ways at work. Believe me when your bored you do some random things. I am mainly interested in using 1 piece of paper for packaging. and how to arrange print so when folded it makes an image. Flyers and booklets I have seen about have been keeping this idea in mind.
Photography I REALLY need to use my photography A-level more. I haven't used my Holga camera yet (thanks George!) and  feel that I should. So watch out for some pics I will put up soon.
Illustration I know I am not the best illustrator in the world. But when I put my mind to it, I know that I can produce some good work. The problem is I normally create good pieces when I am not actually thinking about what I am doing. I am going to force myself to draw a couple times a week....Just for the sake of being able to draw a face.
FMP I have an idea on what i am going to do...But its a secret until its more finalised.
Others I have also been Looking at countless designers and books over the summer. i feel that this has really helped open my mind to new ideas. Over the summer you could have found me sitting on Boarders floor surrounded by the design books......not once did I get asked to leave. 3 hours was my record time on the floor. I loved Every second.

So there it is, its only a outline of my ideas. My sketchbook is full with different ideas branching off the main ideas I have stated.

Roll on Year 2.

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