Kate Newby Pilates

Here are the final posters and leaflets:

it was a bit of a challenge as there was so much information. Talking to the client, i tried to get the information reduced, but she didnt want this. So i produced two posters.

I found it a challenge as it was to be simple, effective and easy on the eye.

Letter press pic.

Here is a nice pic I have found of letterpress. Its a commercial photo but I like it.

Essay time!

We had a tutorial with Anna today about the theory project that I need to do to progress onto the 3rd year of Graphic Design BA.

I am quite nervous about this as I am not the strongest of writers and i feel that I am going to struggle with writing a long essay. I am just happy that it is not dissertation length and that it is only 2500 words. I found I did alright in last years essay, So fingers crossed i will be able to get around the 50 mark.

My title of my essay is :

A Comparative Analysis of Contemporary Brands.

Portfolio Building

As PPRD is coming to a close, I have to get my portfolio sorted out.

I have not really done much to it since the end of last year, but i have alot of things that i need to add. so i need to make a list before I forget:

  1. Greetings Cards
  2. Packaging
  3. Examples of Website (that I dont want to include but have too)
  4. D+AD 
  5. Work Experience
So I need to print out alot and make sure its in some kind of order. I think I am going to put it in chronological order. I feel that this would be most suitable for PPRD

designs for my friend, Miss Kate

My friend Kate is a Pilates Instructor and she needs some help with creating a poster advertising what she does.

Seeing as she is my best friend, i felt that i needed to help her design it.

All she has said is that she would like it to stand out, have info about pilates in it and basically look good. She would like it to be A4, but i am also going to try A3 too.

Inspiration for her poster:

This is not what i want it to look like, but it maybe the best way of advertsing Kate.