Ideas for Proposal

Ideas for Proposal:

The Boatshed:

To re brand the boatshed. As it is going to have a make over this summer anyway.

Here are some pictures of the boatshed. . .

Professional Project 2009

So here is is,

Our final project of Visual Communication....

We got given the brief today, and i have t say that everyone is really excited, buzzing almost!

I have an idea of what i want to do, but i have been keeping my mind blank from thinking of a final outcome. i think it will hinder my design and research if i do that.

we have alot of tutorials and seminars to help us with our proposal, so it is going to be exciting this week!


Screen Based Communication 2 Evaluation

This project was challenge for me. I found the software hard to use as I did not fully understand how to use it. I feel that the work shops that we had were very useful and I feel that I have learnt from them.

Overall I am disappointed with my outcome for my webpage. It did not come out how I expected it to and I feel that I have let myself down. 

I had great plans for this project and I had a clear idea of what I wanted it to look like. I think that this could have been my downfall as maybe I had too higher expectations of what I wanted. As I could not get to where I wanted I started to care less about this project. I found it frustrating not to be able to do what I planned and found my motivation for this disappearing. 

Once I got over that I would not be able to having it looking like I wanted I started to use dreamweaver more. After a while I learnt the basics and made the website. I feel that my website was basic and not very flashy. 

Looking at other peoples sites I feel that I could have trued harder and done some more research into CSS and action script to make the site more interesting. If I could do this project again I would do what I wanted from the beginning and tried harder to achieve 
 a better website.

Website deadline

O how I hate web design.

The deadline is today and i have to say that i am so happy that this project is over. i really did not like this project. 

I have had so many problems and issues that it just hasn't seemed worth it. 


I have learnt the basics and could navigate dreamweaver if i had to, which i hope is never again!

Lets hope i have passed :s


I have decided that i am going to use lightbox for my website.

the reasons being that i think it is a good way of having a gallery and that it looks quite professional.

Here is the link for the lightbox script that i am planning to use.


Website Problems

I have been having problems with my designs for my website.

I had this big idea in my head about what I wanted to to now it seems that I have left it too late and that I should have planned it earlier.

What I originally wanted from this was a really good looking website, but I'm disappointed with what I have been able to achieve. 

I wanted to have a really cool image in the background of me sitting in a garden with my back to the camera and a big cotton sheet in the main section of the image. this was going to be my background and "blank" area for images and type.

I got told that this wasnt a good ides from someone close to me. 

I wish I had not listen to them

2009! Happy New year

Happy New Year Everybody.

Over Christmas i worked a lot, I didn't go home until Christmas Day Evening. and only stayed in cornwall for 3 days before i came back to work some more and make some money.

As for uni work......I have been quite slack to be honest.

All the things i said i was going to do, but i didnt....